K8NY – To Contest or Not

 Well, as far as contesting is concerned I am kinda ambivalent to it all. On one hand I do not like losing the bands to contesters on weekends but on the other hand sometimes I do participate in them however briefly.
I used to operate at the K4VV contest station  and I really enjoyed that experience. It is fun especially in the heat of battle when the q’s per minute are running high.
Having a form of attention disorder (especially in my older years) it just gets kinda boring after sitting for awhile and holding my attention becomes difficult when activity has slackened.
That being said, I really have not participated in any test meaningfully in awhile. From my station here I will sometimes operate briefly in a test just to be active and make some q’s. Also, I am a member of PVRC (Potomac Valley Radio Club) and any points I can accrue will be directed to their total since I am a member. However there is one contest I do enjoy and that is ARRL  CW Sweepstakes. One of the main reasons for enjoying this test is the skill needed to copy the entire Exchange between stations. The Exchange consists of these elements: Consecutive Serial Number, Precedence, Call Sign, Check, and Section. So an Exchange would look like this example: 001 U K8NY 59 WV which indicates QSO number 001, U for Single Op Unlimited High Power, K8NY first licensed in 1959, and in the West Virginia section. If you’re operating the phone portion of this test the Exchange really is not all that difficult to exchange. However, I believe the CW Exchange is  a bit more “dicey” in terms of receiving all the correct elements.

Well I guess I would consider myself not a contester but I do enjoy the challenge of this particular contest.

What I am leading up to here is a little surprise that I received in the mail today. A large, white envelope folded in my mailbox was waiting for me and it was from the ARRL. I noticed just above the address and name the term Contest and the date 09/05/15 printed. I was a bit perplexed by that so upon arrival home I opened the envelope and was greeted with the following surprise.

2014 SweepStakes rot

 Actually I had no idea about the contest results as I just submitted it for the club points. So it turns out that it was 1st place in WV which, I guess, is not too difficult a task as there probably were not many folks participating from my state! As I had mentioned, I am really not into contesting and I have no awards to my name after 56 years of hamming (that’s another column) but it was neat to at least receive something for the effort and to know that my points were aggregated to the PVRC totals. I will promptly store this one in my file cabinet for my family to discard when I become SK hi hi!

 Update 2016
2015 Single Op Unlimited HP class
2015 Single Op Unlimited HP class

Just received this one from the ARRL. Looks nice with the other one in my file drawer.